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51th Saarema Velotuur

Esmaspäev, 26. mai 2008« back

After the 50th Saarema Velotuur we considered for a long time if and how we should move on. In a situation where projects are being frozen consecutively, the economy recession affects self-governments, corporations and many people's everyday life, causing tension and apathy. Obviously everyone feels the influence through his/her own wallet. And it is said not to be the 'bottom' jet.
We asked ourselves the question if we should stay, bemoan and use the economic recession as an excuse to break a longstanding tradition.

Lets face it, money is a very important factor in organizing an event as big as Saaremaa Velotuur.
But responsibility in front of Saaremaa’s people, their tradition, racers, coaches and the development of cycling sport in Estonia overall seems more important to us and forces us to carry on. Less important aren't so called soft-values including social fellow feeling. “Lets do it” is already proven itself.

We make a suggestion for you dear sponsors, racers, coaches, judges, sport friends and good helpers to take the existing situation as a challenge and continue walking the same known road and prevent the deep trace becoming mossy.

Because of the economical considerations, the 51st of Saaremaa Velotuur has been shortened by one day. Hopefully it helps everyone to save a little on transport, accommodation and catering. Not to speak about all the judges and helpers who do their job on Saaremaa Velotuur aside from their main jobs and at the expense of their free day and days of rest.

The organizers of Saaremaa Velotuur count on the understanding attitude and calm sense when it comes to preparing and carrying out the race from all the interested parties. Using internet and quick telephone calls is inevitable but it’s impossible to get trough without manpower. The main organizers as well as the close helpers work most of the time on their main job positions – as salespersons, teachers, officers, jail- and police workers etc.

Experts are the persons who work especially hard to help out with the tour. They don’t have lack of activities to do in their free or any other time. Even more so, the people who have supported us by helping to organize the tour are worth appreciation and respect.
We are very thankful to you!

We look forward to meeting you on the 51st Saaremaa Velotuur!