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The organizers of Saaremaa Velotuur formed an important new collaborative agreement

Teisipäev, 19. detsember 2006« back

Wednesday, the Saaremaa Velotuur organizer SJK Viiking, formed a quadruple cooperative agreement, which states that next summer’s jubilant tour will be carried through exceptionally.

SJK Viiking amalgamated with the Government of Kuressaare, the County Government as well as the Estonian Cyclists Union (EJL). The main goal of this party is to seek additional financial resources to maintain the tours high level of athleticism and prestige. As well, the 50th Saaremaa Velotuur should be celebrated with dignity and pride, as it is the oldest multi-day race in the Northlands and currently the only one of its kind in the Baltic States.

Riho Räim, head manager of the tour, comments that he no longer feels as if he is alone in organizing the race. “I hope, that with the unification of the new team, each one feels the responsibility and the importance of the 50th Saaremaa Velotuur,” says Räim, also he adds that with the co-operation it is possible to add more great promotions to support the event.

Räim does not await any particular assistance from his partners. However, he express’ that the city has always provided financial support, maintained the roads and allowed closures in the city streets to accommodate the race, which have been a tremendous help.

“On the other hand, I hope that the County Government would support this event as well as find a way to further assist. The EJL should contribute to communicating with its authoritative sponsors and help to solve the problems on the States level,” marked Räim.

Madis Lepajõe, EJL presidents acting officer, says that the 50th Saaremaa Velotuur is next year’s Estonia’s most important cycling event, where the organizers and sponsors will absolutely contribute generously.

The 50th Saaremaa Velotuur will be held on June 14th to June 19th, 2007 on the Tartu-Otepää-Viljandi-Rapla-Kuressaare route.