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Welcome to Saaremaa 2011

Kolmapäev, 04. mai 2011« back

The 54th winner of Saaremaa Velotuur and Estonian Champion in multi-day race will be announced on 17th June 2011 in Kuressaare.

Success in a multi-day race requires from the cyclist a very good physical shape, skillful recovery, tactical instinct and strong team support. There are usually several simultaneous competitions at multi-day races as some cyclists compete for the general prize and others for the lap victory, activity or scoring of mountains. This complicates the tactical circumstances of the competition and requires from the cyclists a constant concentration on the competitive situation.

The team also plays a significant part on obtaining the general prize, as the team’s task is to control departures and to neutralize occurring takeovers as well as to help the leader back into the group in case of a technical failure of the bike or any misfortunes.

According to the tradition of last years, Saaremaa Velotuur begins from the “City of Good Thoughts” that sets an example to the islanders in terms of sportive mind and athletic activities.
The biggest difference from previous competitions is a team race that takes place on the opening day and determines the lines of force. The organizer of Velotuur revives with this alteration the tradition of tempo race that was last used in the year 1980.

With this alteration we hope:
- to establish a foundation for future athletic competition via offering excitement from the first moment;
- to increase cooperation within teams (every man stands for himself in an individual start);
- to give the chance of winning to more athletes (also to mountain cyclists and others);
- to alter the cycling tactics of teams;
- to facilitate the redevelopment of tempo race that used to be a very strong field of sport in Estonia years ago.

We will utilize the so-called previous scheme when conducting the other laps with moving via the roads of Viljandi, Pärnu, Rapla and Saaremaa towards the city of Kuressaare.