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Saaremaa Velotuur is a group race of road cyclists that is oldest in the Nordic countries and the only international one in the Baltic states, giving through team work a several-days race experience to the sportsmen and promoting cycling.

The flame of Saaremaa Velotuur that was ignited by Oskar Toombu, Endel Prooses and Erich Truumure in 1957 burns also this year. The life light of the initiators of this more than half century long tradition has unfortunately faded. The last man of the three who laid foundation to Saaremaa Velotuur went to the realm of death this spring.

In 2010 we are in a new and effortful economical situation is Estonia as a whole. Even experienced economy analysts are cautious about giving future forecasts.

Experienced trainers have a high opinion that participation in Saaremaa Velotuur is a huge motivator and a precious experience to young cyclists, as competing five days in sequence demands good physical preparation and psychological readiness from every athlete.

I would like to invite all participants to retread again the traces they have passed before! Inasmuch as it fulfils our mutual goal – the promotion of cycling sport.

It is splendid when common feeling of responsibility for race initiators, traditions, racers, their coaches and the development of cycling sport compels us to carry on.

Acting together assures mutual values and communion.

May the wind be with you, dear cyclists!

Riho Räim
Main organizer of Saaremaa Velotuur