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• Management

The deadline of the preliminary registration ( is either until 160 racers are registered or until 31st of May 2012.

All expenses of the competitors and their representatives will be covered by their organization.

• Starting fee

Starting fee shall be paid for the whole race based on a bill by transfer (Saaremaa Jalgrattaklubi Viiking, a/a 221014467340 IBAN EE632200221014467340) or in cash at the race mandate.

Starting fees:
- Until May 31st 50 EUR per racer, which the organizers must receive not later than the 6th of June;
- From June 1th 70 EUR per racer. Is valid also for the preliminary registered team when adding new racer(s).

• Accommodation

For the information about the accommodation possibilities please contact the head of the accommodation Helina Ježova before 06th of June by the e – mail address or mobile +372 56612375
NB ! Payments for the accommodation has to be done directly to the service provider.

• Catering

Catering for aspirants will be organized considering the timetable and a route of Saaremaa velotuur. To ordering catering package please contact the head of the catering Helina Ježova before June 06th by the mobile +372 56612375 or by e-mail .
Payment for the catering must be made in the race mandate.

• Ferry transport - With ferry to the island and back the mainland.

Ferry transport between Virtsu and Kuivastu will take place on Wednesday, 14th of June, after the end of a stage.

This year it has been several changes to organize the ferry transport between Saaremaa and the mainland. Buying and verifying a tickets has become pretty much an electronic. So because of that there is no way to book or buy a ticket in the mandate of the race like it has been years before.
But good thing about the ferry connection is that there are 2 new big ferries. That should guarantee a smooth connection. Ferry will depart from the port after every 35 minutes, so there shouldn’t be more that 35 minutes waiting in the port.

There are 2 ways to book / buy your ticket:
1.E-ticket (is possible to book your ticket 30 days before your trip) from the
2.At the port from ticket office on the travelling day (but it takes much more time than using an electronic ticket).

Organizers help to solve economic issues (accommodation, catering etc) only for these teams who have done their pre denunciation in time.

Info: SJK Viiking tel. + 372 45 57118
Riho Räim + 372 5117206
Ülle Räim + 372 5026457


+372 51 17206
Race director
+372 50 26457
Assistant of the race director
Helina Je˛ova
+372 56 612375
Head of the catering and accommodation