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55th Saaremaa Velotuur is organised by the non-profit organization Saaremaa Jalgrattaklubi Viiking under the Cycling Regulations (henceforth ECU).

The race is marked as a 1-st category competition in ECU calendar and will take place on June 12th to 16th, 2012 on route Tartu - Viljandi – Rapla – Liiva – Kuressaare. It consists of 5 stages (included the team time trial) with the total lenght of 585 km.

55th Saaremaa Velotuur is qualified as Estonian National Championship Stage Race for ME class in individual classification.


55th Saaremaa Velotuur takes place according to UCI 2.1.008 roof the UCI CR and is opened to UCI Continental Teams registered in Estonia, national teams, regional teams and club teams (may consist of ME, MU, M18, SEN1 and SEN2 class riders) and mixed teams, which must not include cyclists belonging to UCI Pro Tour teams. According to § 2.2.003 of the UCI regulations the maximum number of the riders per team is 8 and minimum is 5.

Every participant must present his valid national license for 2012.
Wearing a helmet is obligatory in every stage.
For juniors the maximum authorized gear ratio is 7,39 meters in a given distance for one pedal revolution.


Race Headquarters will be located in Tartu Raadimõisa Hotel (Mõisavärava 1) and will be open on June 12th between 9:00–22:00. Representatives of the teams will have to present the license for verification and to pick up the rider numbers and start materials on june 12th at 11:00-13:00 at the Race Headquarter.

The Team Managers meeting will be organized according to UCI CR in the presence of the Members of the Commissaires Panel on June 12th at 15:00 in the Race Headquarters.


Race information will be broadcasted by the "Radio Tour" on the frequency XXX, which will be announced by the organiser at the Team Manager`s meeting.


At each climbing sprint the following points will be given:
1st place 5 points
2nd place 3 points
3rd place 2 points
4th place 1 point

The final general Mountains Classification will be drawn by summing up the points scored at the climbing sprints.

The leader of the Mountain Classification will wear a GREEN jersey.

In accordance with § 2.6.017 of the UCI regulations, in case of a tie in the individual final general Mountains Classification, the following criteria shall be applied until the tie is broken:
1. Number of first places in climbing sprints;
2. Better place in final individual General Classification by time.

To receive the prizes in the general classification, rider must have completed the whole cource of the Stages within the time limits set by the regulations.


The classification by points is calculated by summing up the points earned in intermediate sprints. Points are given at every intermediate sprint to 4 first riders accordingly 5, 3, 2 and 1 point. At the stage finishes, except team time trial, points are given to first 10 riders accordingly 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point.

The leader of the Points Classification will wear a RED jersey.

In accordance with § 2.6.017 of the UCI regulations, in the event of a tie in the individual general classification by points, the following criteria shall be applied until the tie is broken:
1. Number of stage wins;
2. Number of wins in the intermediate sprints;
3. General individual classification by time.

To receive prizes in the general classification rider must have completed the whole course of the Stage within the time limits set by the regulations.


According to UCI § 2.6.016, the team classification for the day shall be calculated by summing up the times of the three best competitors of each team.

At the 1st stage, which is run as the team time trial, the team`s result will be the actual time of 3-rd rider in the team who crosses the finish line after completing the whole distance. In the event of a tie, the teams are separated by summing up the places acquired by their three best riders on the stage. In the event that the position is still tied, the teams are separated by their best placed rider on the stage.

The team general classification shall be calculated by summing up the three best individual times from each stage ridden. In the event of a tie, the following criteria shall be applied in the following order until the teams are separated:
1. Number of first places in the daily team classifications;
2. Number of second places in the daily team classifications;
3. In the event that position is still tied, the teams are separated by their best-placed rider the individual general classification.

Any team reduced to less than three riders shall be eliminated from the team general classification.


The Young Rider`s Classification is restricted to riders born in 1994 – 1995.
The leader of the Young Rider’s Classification will wear WHITE jersey.


Time bonuses (applied only to the individual general classification) are awarded as the following:
1. For each Intermediate sprint 3, 2, and 1 seconds are awarded to the 3 first riders classified respectively.
2. At the stage finishes (except team time trial) 10, 6 and 4 seconds are awarded to the first 3 riders classified respectively.


Road race stages: 15% - stages 2,3 and 5
Road race stage with gravel lines: 20% - stage 4
Team Time trial: 25% - stage 1

The Comissaires Panel may extend the finishing time limits after consultation with the organiser.


In the 1st stage, run as a time trial, the teams will start in every 3 minute. The starting order of the teams will be determined by drawing lots by the computer in the presence of the Comissaires` Panel.

Each team should be followed by a team car, in which a licensed representative of the previously starting team must drive along.

The team`s result is the actual time of the 3-rd rider of the team completing the whole course. Individual results arve based on the actual times of completing the distance of each competitor.

In the team time trial (1st stage) it is only allowed to use normal mass start road bikes, which must respond to the demands of art. 1.3.006-1.3.022 of the UCI CR. It is forbidden to use any special time trial equipment(eg. disc wheels, time trial handlebars, helmets etc.)


After every Stage following riders must appear at Awarding Ceremony: 4 first riders of the stage, the leader of the general individual classification by time (wears YELLOW jersey) and the leaders in other classifications. Also 3 best riders of the intermediate and mountain sprints of every Stage have to attend Awarding Ceremony.

In the final general classification the 6 best individual riders and the best team will be awarded with cash and/or trophies. The best young rider (born in 1994 or 1995) will receive a Trophy Cup of Aavo Pikkuus. Riders, who do not appear ceremony, will not receive their prize.


The UCI peanalty scale is the only applicable one and is used on this race


The organizers will provide 2 neutral vehicles for every stage of the tour. During the team time trial the neutral service vehicles are located on the 5th kilometre and the turning point.

NB! On the 4th stage on the gravel road from 123,6 km until 131 km, (about 7,5 kilometers) every team car becomes a neutral service vehicle.
This rule will apply if the main group arrives to the beginning of the gravel road together. Otherwise the President Comissaire will give respective instructions by Radio Tour.


1. Inform the riders about Race regulations, schedule and other official information;
2. Follow the organizers instructions precisely and in time;
3. Compensate the damages caused by their team members in accommodation or catering institutions, pay their parking tickets, etc;
4. Return the radio transmitters after the finish of every stage immediately;
5. Prepare competitors for the awarding ceremony


To guarantee safety of participants and competition, all riders, who have dropped behind from the main group, have to follow the Highway code. Wearing of a helmet is obligatory at every stage.
To provide security of participants and competition, all cyclists, who have dropped behind from main group, have to follow the valid Highway Code.


The preliminary registration will be open until 160 riders are entered or 31st of May 2012.

The organizer will not cover any expences of the teams and/or their representatives. The organizer will assist in booking accommodation, catering, ferry transport etc. only these teams, who have fulfilled all necessary formalities in time.